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Схема вышивки «Зубр» (№109944)


Создана 20 окт 2012 в 20:22. Схема была скачана 3 раза.

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Sziadettivagyok, 20 окт 2014 в 12:28.


I would like to stitch this pattern very much, but here where I live I couldn't get Gamma threads. I tried to change the threads into Maderia, but a lot of Madeira colors are the same number, or there isn't suitable color. Could anyone help me to change the Gamma colors into DMC threads maybe???? I found the website of company Gamma, but without to seeing the really colors is a little bit difficult to change the threads.
I would like to give the stitched picture as a surprise present to one of my friend, but without Gamma threads I'm not able to stitch this chart. :-(((

If someone could help me to solve this problem I would be very appreciate.....


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